Here are some basic rules you should follow:

Rule 1: Clean kitchen surfaces after every stage of preparing your recipe. Try to 'clean as you go'. This may sound a little obsessive, but it's not.

Raw meat, poultry, fish, eggs and many other raw foods are the most common sources of germs, but they can easily cross-contaminate other foods. After handling these foods, always wash your hands, utensils and surfaces thoroughly before you touch anything else.

Rule 2: One important way of stopping cross-infection is to make sure that you always use a different chopping-board for your raw meat and everything else. If you keep one for raw meat and fish, and another for all your other chopping, you will be making a major contribution to your health and kitchen safety.

Rule 3: After use, wash all your dishes and utensils with hot water and dish washing liquid. (Don't just run them under the water faucet!) Change the water regularly, then rinse in clean, hot water. When possible, leave every thing to drain until dry.

Rule 4: Use paper towels whenever possible, if you can afford to buy them. Dish towels can be a source of cross-contamination so use them sparingly and change them regularly. Be sure to wash them in a hot-wash cycle.

Rule 5: Use a REALLY hot cycle in your dish washer that totally annihilates germs and bacteria.

Rule 6: The kitchen sink is the dirtiest place in one's home, and the kitchen sponge is the most germ-infested item. Parents should properly sanitize sponges and dishrags with a diluted bleach solution, such as one part bleach to nine parts water.

Rule 7: Avoid wiping your dining table with the kitchen sponge or dishrag to prevent cross-contamination from meat and vegetable germs.

Rule 8: Replace sponges every three weeks due to the build-up of trapped food particles.

Rule 9: Transferring your garbage bag can spread salmonella. Pay attention to whether your trash receptacle is wet. If so, clean with bleach and water and let dry before inserting a new liner.

Rule 10: Give your kitchen a through 'spring cleaning' periodically